Hire an AFP Graduate


Agile for Patriots graduates have the aptitude and attitude to be successful in an Agile environment. With a record of success in meeting unpredictable challenges during military service, program graduates are dedicated and motivated to succeed.

Program participants earn Professional Scrum Master I certification and complete a two-week practicum with hands-on Scrum Team experience. The full program curriculum is outlined on the Program Overview web page. Our alumni will be outstanding Agile team members.

Why should I hire an Agile for Patriots graduate?

Hiring a veteran is good business
Research shows that hiring Veterans is good business, particularly when it comes to entrepreneurship, resiliency, mission strategy, and team-related goals and actions.

Veterans are geared for accomplishment
Veterans are dedicated to completing their assignments.

Veterans are trained for teamwork
The very nature of military service requires collaboration with people from diverse backgrounds. Veterans are natural team players.

Veterans take responsibility seriously
Military missions are often a matter of life or death. Veterans take responsibility personally and seriously!

Veterans are flexible
Flexibility in fluid situations is a regular feature of military service. A veteran’s ability to adapt to constant change is an indispensable quality in an Agile environment.

Veterans are quick learners
Military service requires veterans to embrace unfamiliar tasks and to learn new skills quickly—critical attributes in an Agile environment.

Hiring a veteran may provide business tax credits
Businesses may receive incentives for hiring veterans. For example, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) can be up to $9,600 for each veteran hired.
Visit the IRS website for more information.

If you are able to hire one of our graduates, please contact us.

If you are unable to hire one of our graduates right now, please visit our volunteer and mentor pages for other ways you can help.