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We welcome Agile practitioners and employers to join us in helping veterans make a rewarding transition to the Agile community. If you would like to share their passion and experience, but cannot commit to a mentor/protégé relationship, Agile for Patriots welcomes one-time individual contributions during the two-week practicum, or with our alumni after the formal portion of the program concludes.


Volunteer opportunities

✔ Virtually present a 60 to 90-minute Agile topic to a new cohort during the practicum or a 30 to 60-minute presentation on an AFP graduate webinar
✔ Share job search tips or perform resume reviews with Agile for Patriots students
✔ Lead a tour of an Agile workplace
✔ Invite a program graduate to shadow you in your workplace
✔ Introduce program graduates to other Agile professionals
✔ Coordinate an internship for an Agile for Patriots graduate

Contact us and let us know how you would like to help!